• An Entrepreneur with Cycle
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    Entrepreneur & the Cyclist

    A person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit. He is an Entrepreneur. Now who is a cyclist? A person who rides a bicycle. Simple. Now i want to tell a story of two friends. One is a Entrepreneur and the other is a cyclist, an avid cyclist. The cyclist have participated in many local and district level championships. And was practicing for participating in the states championship. They both were really good friends. The best of best. The Entrepreneur started his IT business, worked hard using all his mental ability. Learned every aspect of the Business which he can apply in…

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    How to Solve Bluetooth Mouse connectivity issue?

    I was as excited you are when I got my new Logitech MX Master 2S Wireless Mousedelivered from Amazon.I was looking forward to getting my hands on the Best Mouse for Macbook (according to most YouTubers). I was awestruck by the packaging of the mouse and the ergonomic feel of the mouse. It was like, it was made for my large hands!I was awestruck in a moment. Soon my excitement went down when I could not connect the mouse through Bluetooth. And it’s equally frustrating to use the dongle for connecting a mouse to my MacBook Pro. I was devastated. I was looking for some online help but found none.…

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    Adventurous Cycling Trip to Nepal by BCAC

    Eight members of Bhubaneswar Cycling and Adventure Club (BCAC) successfully completed the Kataka(Cuttack, Odisha) to Kathmandu, Nepal (K2K) International Cycling Trip covering the distance 1502 km in 12 days. They moved through Angul, Sambalpur, Bagicha(CG), Ambikapur(CG), Renukoot(UP), Varanasi, Gorakhpur. They entered Nepal via Sunouli Belhiya border and cycled through Bhairwa, Narayangarh, Mungling,Nubise to reach Kathamandu. The team celebrated with a snap in the famous Durbar Chowk of Kathamandu. With this BCAC has added another feather to it’s cap. BCAC had earlier conducted Manali to Leh Cycling Trip in 2014, Bhubaneswar to Bhutan(Bhu-Bhu) International Cycling Trip in 2015 (11 days: 1302 km), Vietnam Cambodia (Hanoi to Phonm Penh) International Cycling Trip…

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  • Amazon Kindle Paperwhite
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    Why buy an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite?

    Its been quite some time I have been using the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. Many ask me, why did you buy a bold black and white dumb device which cannot do anything except reading? for a price such high. So, I thought of sorting out some points which I love about my Kindle. 1. It’s a Perfect Size:The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite has a 6″ Display. Which a perfect size to hold the device and read for long hours. Even when you are traveling. The dimensions are 169 mm x 117 mm x 9.1 mm (It’s quite thin and great to hold). 2. It has a Perfect Weight:The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Weighs 205g…

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    Sports: A way of life

    When we were kids, we were asked “What is your aim in life ?” Being a Cricket Loving country, half of the kids used to say “We want to be Cricketers.” And yes, we do play as if we will become a world class cricketer someday. And then we grow up. Grow up to a life, where we can’t even enjoy watching our favourite batsman bat. A sedentary and boring life. Spending endless hours on our Workbench, looking at our computers. After a certain age, we get bind by a pile of prescriptions for  Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Migraine or Cholesterol. Then we actually understand the meaning of “Health is Wealth”. Because the wealth for which we…

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    YouTube Theory: See it to believe it !

      How many of you don’t know what is YouTube? Everyone knows. We spend endless hours watching videos on YouTube. Our important and productive hours, i must say ! YouTube was started by a group of people working at PayPal. Yes, PayPal the leading online money transfer system. They developed a online video sharing platform where users can upload, share and view video contents. This simple idea changed the life of many usersof the system. People earn in millions by just uploading videos. How? By adding Google AdSense in the Videos. That way they encouraged users to create more and more content. Upload more and more videos. We find videos…

  • Post Service Analysis

    Post Service Analysis

    This post is for all those service based business person or sales person out there. This is an analysis made after working in the service industry for a long time. I know, great ideas create great lives, but analysis of the surrounding is very important. We need to analyse various aspects of our idea to work. For example, in the IT service industry, you need to analyse which industry you will have to focus. If you’ve built an application like UBER or OLA, then you cannot focus on the Hospitals. You have to and you should focus only on the transportation segment. So, you need to analyse your idea before…

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    Success: A Perspective

    Success. Who does’t want to be Successful ? Everybody want to be Successful. When I googled “Meaning of Success”;it showed “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose”. That means, we should first have a aim or a purpose. So being successful in life, means having a purpose for life or a aim of life. This takes us to the point that success is a subjective commodity. It’s based on what one need. It is influenced by ones personal feelings, taste and opinion. Success is a perspective. It’s a point of view how you see success, or what is success for you. A buddhist monk don’t want a million dollars in his…